Ceea International Summer Class 2017

  • Write an original short film set in Paris.
  • Learn and practice the art of dramaturgy.
  • Use a unique, personalized experience in Paris as a source of inspiration.

The instructor

Nils-Antoine Sambuc

33 years old, screenwriter

A few words about me…

This summer, thanks to you, I’ll be back at school ! And not just any school, but the one where I studied ! I graduated from the CEEA two-year course in 2009. Since then, I have been writing and writing (films, episodes of TV series, and series concepts…). My résumé is here (in French).

Besides writing I also teach at the Film Studies department of the American University of Paris… I’ll let you guess what exactly…. Yep, screenwriting ! I also participate in short-term training sessions organized by DreamAgo, an international organization that promotes screenwriters worldwide and connects them with major players of the film industry.

I moved to Paris in 2004 and have been living here ever since. Paris has become my hometown and I will be happy to share every aspect of this incredible city that will help you shape and give depth to your short film.

What kind of writer am I ? Passionate and obstinate, with a serious addiction to 24/7 world news. What kind of teacher am I ? Passionate, obstinate, BUT I promise I won’t check my newsfeed during class.

To be clear, I teach like I write. In my course, we’re all writers working together and learning from each other. Sharing, with warmth and respect is key for making every voice stronger and more relevant.

For this summer course I’m looking for passionate young writers who want to practice their skills, away from home, in a constructive and positive atmosphere… Keep in mind that the script you’ll write in my course is 100% yours and could become the next short film you’ll direct, produce or sell… I’ll be there to guide you and share and discuss useful narrative tools such as the three-act structure, aims and obstacles and dramatic irony…

So let’s work together in one of the most beautiful spots, doing one of the most beautiful things : writing films !